luria2Bad breath is not only embarrassing in front of people but may also cause much disgust to the victim. As part of maintaining good practices for Dental Health and hygiene, there are some ways you can deal with the problem as below. The best way would however be to visit Dearborn Dental – the dentist Dearborn enjoys –  for diagnosis of the main problem, if at all it become consistent and you don’t know the cause. See below for the top 5v ways to deal with bad breath as a dental health issue.

  1. Brush, rinse and floss right

The best way to avoid bad breath is to brush regularly, rinsing of your mouth properly with plenty of water. If having a specific bad odor problem, it is advisable to consider brushing more frequently than the bare standard minimum of two times a day. Flossing regularly is also helpful as you get to remove trapped substances in between teeth, which could be contributing to the problem. Fluoride toothpastes are the most recommended for use. As for your toothbrush, it should be gentle bristled, yet effective.


  1. Clean your tongue: Scrape off the sticky substance

From scientific studies, it is known that the oral bacteria responsible for bad odor from the mouth mainly reside on the tongue. To improve Dental Health and hygiene, kit is advisable to consider scrapping out any sticky substance from your tongue when brushing. However, be sure to handle these parts gently to avoid unintended injuries.

  1. Quit smoking

It goes without saying that most people who are non smokers dislike the smell of cigarettes. In fact, some are actually allergic to it. Smoking interferes with the breath, leading to some kind of odor that the smoker continues to exhale for some period after taking some puffs. Quitting smoking or reducing periods between sticks can help improve the condition, or eliminate the issue altogether.

  1. Diet control

Some foods are more acidic or sour, leaving a sour taste in the mouth. Apart from reducing consumption of foods that lead to Dental Health issues such as sensitivity and decay it is also quite important to watch those that encourage bad breath. Some of them are known to go a long way in finding their way into the lungs through the blood stream. Things such as tomato sauce, onions and garlic are known to leave the mouth in sour conditions, which encourage development of bad oral odor. Sticky foods are also known to contribute to bad breath.

  1. Your mouth ergonomics

When you stay quiet and with your mouth closed for extended periods of time, it gives bacteria a good environment to carry on with their activities. Some of these germs include those that cause diseases such as dental carriers and plaque. This may actually explain why the mouth tends to be stuffy in some way shortly after bed. Your mouth may also tend to run dry. It is therefore important to try as much as possible to keep your mouth moist and not closed for extended time periods to avoid this.


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